What is a man?

Am I a man?

With signs and codes they tell me that I’m not.
A man is defined in negative.
A man does not feel.
A man does not want.
He does not cry.
He does not love.
A man does not care about

I can read the signs.
I am defined in double negative.
I do not not feel
I do not not want
Not not cry
Never not love
I am

I care. Oh, how I care.
I care so much it breaks me sometimes.
I spend my money and my time
And my life and my sweat and my rhyme
On this world I hold so dear
I am connected and involved
And I am a man, because I have the drive
To make this world what I would see it

I love. Like fire in my brain I love.
I love so deep and strong it tears me apart.
I love with my body and my mind
And with everything that I can find
Inside myself.
I love, and I love, and I will always love
And I am a man, because I have the strength
To love without hiding it.

And I cry. I cry. When I despair, or when I exult
When I am so overwhelmed by beauty before me
That I think my eyes will burst
My mind just thirsts
For these things, and when that thirst is quenched
I flood the world with my tears
And I am a man, because I am not afraid
For you to see me cry

I am a man. Defined in positives.
I am strong, and beautiful, and caring.
I am unafraid
And I reject your signs and codes
If you think that I am not a man
For life
For love
For tears
If you think that I am not a man
Then step up, stop sniggering behind my back
Look at my face
Look at my eyes
Look me in my tears and tell me so
That I can know
For the


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