When you and I met the lightning flashed
Grounded in the sand it left us glass
I can see you there, across the pane
Yet I cannot touch you in that frame
That bolt has left its streak
Behind my eyes
And while you left me weak
You aren’t my prize

Contact like, for me, a meteorite
When you and I met upon that night
Impact left me permanently changed
And yet you and I remain estranged
My own heart-crater will
Have sides so smooth
And I cannot fill
It; nothing soothes

You set a bomb off inside my brain
Force and heat, it fused all of the grains
A sheet of glass was all you left behind
A sort of trinitite inside my mind
The scorch left by your heat
Will never fade
It tastes so bittersweet
That dull green shade

Ash-covered as if from an angry mount
Pompeii, but with a smaller body count
Frozen how I stood upon that day
Until some digger happens down this way
I sit here in my black
And I can feel your lack
in this dark place

Some archaeologist
With careful hands
Must dig me out of this
Turn glass to sand


2 Responses to “Fulgurite”

  1. 1 Nick Simmonds
    November 5, 2007 at 1:59 pm

    This one bothers me, because the meter is imperfect, but when I make the structure technically correct it no longer reads well. I’m going to leave it like this for now.

  2. 2 Nick Simmonds
    November 19, 2007 at 5:56 am

    Updated. Better meter. Happy now.

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