We men don’t write poems about love
Even we sensitive types
We’ll write about our passions, our furies
We’ll write about the injustices of the world
We’ll take the stage to speak about our politics
Our lives
Our failures
But not our love
Writing poetry about love is for women

We may write love poems, of course
But love poems are not poems about love
They’re not even poems about you
They are poems about us, and how important you are
Because of us

We are, I am, empowered, and strong
I am untouchable, so when I touch it is like a gift
I am in a position above those I love
Figuratively–literally, sometimes
And to be powerful, and to be strong, and to be invulnerable
Is how I know I am a man

We are, I am, made powerless by love
Weak, vulnerable
We are touched, and must ask to be touched
Love positions us below those we love
Figuratively–literally sometimes
And to be powerless, and to be weak, and to be vulnerable
Is to know what it is like not to be a man

To admit what love does to us is to admit that we are–that I am–sometimes not in control
That cannot be done

We men don’t write poems about love
Even I don’t write poems about love
Even this is not a poem about love
This is a poem about poems about love


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